Before You Go

  • Food
  • Linen
  • Towels
  • Warm-weather Clothes
  • Cold-weather Clothes
  • Gear

What To Bring

  • Bring food with you for your trip (only tea, coffee and sugar are provided in Summer) or the local Foodworks has limited opening hours. A range of eateries remains open during the summer if you prefer eating out.
  • Bring sheets and pillowcases. NB Queen size bed in rooms 3,4 & 9, Large singles in room 5). Blankets/doonas and pillows are provided.
  • Towels, face-washers and toiletries.
  • A range of clothes. The weather at Falls Creek in Summer is wonderful, but unpredictable and exciting. Providing for all weather conditions, including snow, is recommended.
  • Gear. Depending on your planned activities, you will need the relevant equipment. Some things can be hired on the mountain, but others cannot.

What To Expect

  • On arrival at Falls Creek in Summer there is no entry or parking fee.
  • You are able to park in Snowgums Lane outside the lodge.
  • The booking officer will give members the code to enter the lodge.
  • In Summer, without a rostered member manager, all cleaning duties still need to be completed. Members present please check the list and ensure all duties are completed. Chores tend to be less intensive during Summer because of lower use, so it is always good to do a few more to keep the Lodge beautiful.